Qualité des matériaux : le laiton

Quality of materials: brass

The materials used in the creation of jewelry, whether we are doing “assemblage” or more technical things, are very important.
I use findings (chains, clasps, rings, charms and earring supports) in brass (from the United States or Europe) which I entrust to a Parisian gilder who will then dip them in a bath of gold, This is called “24-carat fine gold gilding”.
Brass has been used since Antiquity for the manufacture of jewelry, you can mold it, cut your own patterns in plates with the laser, you can weld it... It is flexible but does not break...
The gilding can last a long time if you take care of your jewelry (do not store them in a humid place like a bathroom, wait a little before putting them on if you use cosmetic products/perfume on your skin, etc.) Over time a beautiful patina can develop because the brass has a slightly dark golden to copper color.
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